Points of Unity

What Are Our Points of Unity?


We are an open collective of union and non-union workers determined to organize to resist the coming attacks by the Trump administration but we are committed to continue our struggle for our rights and needs beyond this government, as we would like to build, with other similar rank and file union groups and individuals, an alternative to the existing course of the labor movement. We want to rebuild a democratic movement from below, a movement that fights for workers on the job and resists concessions.


We are committed to building a movement where decisions are democratically made by the rank and file, where elected union officials act transparently, are accountable, and do not gain privileges from their positions. We also believe staff should be organizing for and reporting to rank and file workers.


We believe working people are disillusioned with the two traditional parties of the establishment. We think workers need to build a political alternative of our own and that a reinvigorated democratic labor movement has a key role to play in this, especially in defending the rights of undocumented workers and challenging the disproportionate rates of police brutality and mass incarceration faced by black communities and workers.


We are committed to building towards labor action or strikes, as our power lies mainly in our capacity to withhold our labor, block the machine from working, occupying our work and community spaces to make them work for us and for the people. Labor history in the U.S. has shown that strikes are workers’ best weapon to win concrete material gains. Existing labor legislation (especially the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act) and past betrayals of labor leadership have made it difficult for workers to strike to defend our rights and fight for our needs. We are determined to introduce conversations about strikes in our locals and workplaces.

We are committed to combat racism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. We believe the struggles against discrimination and for liberation of the most impacted and oppressed sectors of the working class (LGBTQI, women, Black, Latino, indigenous peoples, etc.) are labor struggles and must be integrated in our contract fights and in unions’ political and educational campaigns. We are opposed to any Muslim registry and if one is established we will actively boycott it. We are opposed to deportations and stand for full rights for immigrant workers. If government calls for deportations are made, we will organize workplace committees to fight against them. Today the fight against white supremacy is fundamental. We oppose any discriminatory or aggressive behavior on the job. Furthermore, we are committed to the defense of the earth and to the struggle for environmental justice.

We are actively committed to international solidarity. The struggle of workers is international. For this reason, the labor movement needs to reject war, militarized borders, and the industries based on these. Because we are in the United States, an imperialist country, we need a labor movement that stands in solidarity with worker struggles around the world.

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