Schedule of the Conference

PDF Version here

9:30 – 10am: Welcome and Introduction to the Conference (Dwinelle Hall)


10am – 11am: Opening Plenary on the State of Public Education (155 Dwinelle)


11am – 12.30pm: Session 1 of Workshops (locations TBA)


12.30 to 1:15: Lunch (In front of Dwinelle building)


1.15 – 2.45: Session 2 of Workshops (locations TBA)


2.45 – 3pm: Break


3pm – 4.30 pm: Proposals for action and organization on May 1st and beyond and discussion (155 Dwinelle)


4.30pm – 5pm: Break / Report back of the Journey for Justice Education Conference

[Facilitation committee will consolidate proposals to prepare a clear vote]


5pm – 5.45pm: Vote on action and organization proposals (majority rule) (155 Dwinelle)


5.45 – 6pm: Closing of the Education Conference (155 Dwinelle)